Procedure for banking semen specimens at New York Cryo

1. After ordering online or contacting NY Cryo at 877-7NYCRYO (877-769-2796) you will be sent by email:

a. Forms to be completed electronically including a Specimen Storage Agreement and Consent

b. Authorization for payment of  the UrgentPak fees

c. Instructions for collection and shipment of specimen

2.    Upon receiving the UrgentPak

a. Have your Physician complete the Physician Referral and Certification Form
b. Follow the instructions for producing and shipping your semen specimen precisely

Please note: A completed Physician Referral and Certification Form along with the results of recent blood tests for specific infectious diseases must be on file with New York Cryo prior to release of specimens. Blood draw for these tests cannot be earlier than 10 days prior to specimen processing. Specimens missing any of the required blood tests or the Physician Referral and Certification Form will incur an additional charge of $30.00 per month for quarantine storage until the required form and blood tests are received.

Each UrgentPak* kit contains

1) Sterile specimen collection cup
2) Sperm Washing Media which you will add to the container with the specimen to maintain semen quality during transport
3) A copy of your signed Specimen Storage Agreement and Consent
4) Comprehensive collection and shipping instructions
5) Pre-paid, pre-addressed FedEx return shipping label and required packaging for shipping the specimen to New York Cryo. Return by other carriers is at patient expense.

* The UrgentPak transport kit was developed to provide an optimum method for maintaining the proper environment of your specimen during transport.  It complies with both National and International regulations (IATA, ICAO and 49CFR) for shipping of Human Biologic Specimens.

    1. Please confirm you have received all items listed above.  If you are missing anything please call us immediately at (877-7NY-CRYO).
    2. Refrigerate the sperm washing media (pink liquid).  Failure to properly refrigerate the media may compromise the integrity of your sample.  Keep the media refrigerated until one hour prior to the collection of your specimen. At this time (one hour prior to giving your specimen), take the transport media out of the refrigerator and allow it to come to room temperature.  DO NOT TRY TO HEAT THE SPERM WASH MEDIA YOURSELF – DO NOT USE MECHANICAL MEANS TO “HELP” THE SPERM WASH MEDIA REACH ROOM TEMPERATURE! 
    3. Check the three pre-printed labels (on specimen cup, to seal specimen cup, to seal UrgentPak) and make sure your name and social security number are correct. If correct, initial each label. If incorrect, please contact us at (877) 7NY-CRYO. Do not produce your specimen if any information on the labels is incorrect. We will need to send you corrected labels.
    4. Review all paperwork before collecting the specimen.  If you have any questions, please call us at 877-7NY-CRYO.
    5. This kit is designed for one ejaculated specimen.  If you would like to store more than one specimen, please ask for multiple kits.  A 48-72 hour period of abstinence between collections is preferred. 


    1. To obtain the best specimen for cryopreservation, it is advised you abstain from ejaculating for a period of no less than 48 hours, but no more than 72 hours prior to producing your specimen.  Complete abstinence includes sexual intercourse AND masturbation.
    2. Specimens must be shipped the same day they are collected (Monday through Thursday only).  Timing is very important.  Please contact FedEx and arrange a pick-up time that allows you to collect your specimen as close as possible to the time it is to be shipped.
    3. You must use the specimen cup that came with your UrgentPak. Only specimens received in our pre-labeled specimen container will be processed.  Any specimen we receive that is not in our specimen cup or not labeled with our preprinted label will be discarded. This is to ensure optimum specimen quality and identification of the specimen.
    4. One hour before collection, allow the sperm wash media to reach room temperature (1 hour).  Failure to do so can result in damage to your specimen.
    5. Masturbation is the preferred method of obtaining the specimen.  Do not use any form of lubrication, as it will contaminate and damage your specimen.
    6. Upon ejaculation, deposit your specimen directly into the sterile container provided.  DO NOT wash the container beforehand; the inside of the container is sterile and ready for your specimen.
    7. Open the container of sperm wash media and slowly pour the sperm wash media, which should be at room temperature, directly into the collection container with the semen specimen.  This will protect your specimen during transport to New York Cryo.
    8. Secure the top of the container tightly.  Make sure the lid is completely secure and there are no visible leaks.
    9. Gently mix the specimen and sperm wash media by gently swirling the cup. DO NOT SHAKE.
    10. Place the pre-printed adhesive patient label on the tightly closed specimen container, sealing it, so it is half on the cap and half on the container.   This will help secure the lid during transit.
    11. Complete the Specimen Collection Form that came with your UrgentPak. Make sure your name, the date of collection, time of collection, and length of abstinence period is clearly and accurately written. You need to sign the form verifying that the specimen came from your body.


    1. Place the sealed, labeled specimen container in the biohazard bag and close the Ziploc seal.  Please try to eliminate as much air as possible from the bag, as it will fit more easily into the transport container.
    2. Securely place the bag containing the specimen container in the designated foam slot inside the shipper box.
    3. Place all completed paperwork inside the box and seal the cardboard shipper with the remaining pre-printed adhesive label.  Once your specimen has been collected, keep the UrgentPak at room temperature.  DO NOT place the box in the refrigerator or freezer, as extremes in temperature will damage your specimen.
    4. New York Cryo will be expecting your specimen package.  Using the enclosed FedEx Airbill and Clinical Pak Envelope, ship your UrgentPak via FedEx Priority Overnight between Monday and Thursday.  New York Cryo will only accept specimens for further processing and storage that we receive on Tuesday through Friday.
    5. Upon shipping, call New York Cryo (877-7NY-CRYO toll free) with the tracking number. 


Call New York Cryo the day after shipping to confirm your UrgentPak was received.    We will email you within 24 hours of receipt of your specimen with a report of your specimen quality.

Your specimen MUST be shipped the same day it is produced.  Timing is very important.  Please collect your specimen as close as possible to the time of shipment.  As always, please call us with any questions you may have.

If you have any questions please call us 877-7NY-Cryo (877-769-2796)