NY Cryo Partners with Sharing Hope Program in Providing Financial Assistance for Male Cancer Patients

Program Overview

Patients with cancer and other medical conditions that might impair their fertility have little opportunity to prepare for the immediate high costs of their disease, let alone for procedures or treatments intended to preserve the possibility of conceiving with their own sperm. These patients have a brief window of opportunity between diagnosis and treatment in which they may pursue these options, and the upfront costs are often prohibitive. The goal of the  ‘Sharing Hope” program for men is to increase access to sperm banking for qualified men diagnosed with cancer or any other medical condition whose treatment might impair fertility.

Through the Program, New York CRYO is proud to offer assistance to qualified male applicants by providing sperm banking at a minimal cost for one year. New York CRYO is a New York State Licensed reproductive tissue bank located in Great Neck, New York, and is dedicated to providing compassionate care to men requiring long term sperm banking and other andrology services.

Patients that are not located near New York Cryo in Geat Neck, Long Island, New York should look at our Mail-In Option .  Another cost effective option for preserving future fertility.

What is the cost of the Program?

The costs of processing and storage of a maximum of 10 vials from the first semen specimen is $600. The fee for processing additional specimens within 30 days of the first is $250. A second year of storage is $425.

New York Cryo’s participation in the  ‘Sharing Hope” program is a philanthropic endeavor of New York CRYO , a division of Bruce R. Gilbert, M.D, Ph.D., PC.

What is covered?

The covered services provided by New York CRYO for the “Sharing Hope” Program include:

  • One appointment and on-site (at New York CRYO) collection of a semen specimen.
  • Analysis, processing and freezing of one semen specimen (up to 10 vials); and
  • Storage for one year.

Additional semen specimens collected within 30 days of the first and greater than 10 vials can be stored for an additional fee. Proper completion and receipt of all required forms, as well as all required blood tests is required prior to processing and freezing of the semen specimen by New York CRYO.

Eligibility Criteria

All men must be approved by Fertile Hope to store semen specimens under this financial assistance program.

To qualify for “Sharing Hope” men must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Annual household income less than $50,000 single or $75,000 married.
  • No insurance coverage or other source of funding for sperm banking
  • Diagnosis of cancer
  • Oncologist determines that cancer treatment presents the risk of infertility
  • Individual has not yet started fertility-damaging cancer treatments
  • Oncologist determines that sperm banking is medically appropriate
  • Individual has not previously participated in the ‘SHARING HOPE’ before

A Full Description of the Program with Eligibility Criteria and a Complete Application can be downloaded at the Sharing Hope Website .

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