Semen Analysis – Comprehensive

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Semen Analysis – Comprehensive

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A Comprehensive Semen Analysis is needed for a fertility evaluation and includes volume, concentration, count, motility and strict morphology. It also will include biochemical studies if required, sperm antibody studies and post ejaculate urine evaluation.

Product Description

A Comprehensive Semen Analysis is what you need if you are concerned about your fertility. Together with a consultation with a Male Fertility Specialist and Blood studies it forms the basic evaluation of male fertility. We use both manual and computer-assisted analysis to give the most accurate and diagnostic evaluation. A comprehensive semen analysis consists of:

  • Complete semen analysis including
    • Volume – a measure of the amount of seminal fluid
    • Concentration – the number of sperm in a specified volume of ejaculate
    • Count – the total number of sperm in the specimen
    • Motility – how the sperm move. The test includes both the percent of motile sperm as well as a measure of how fast and in what direction, they move.
    • Morphology (both WHO and “strict criteria”) – how the sperm look. This has been correlated with how the sperm function.
  • Biochemical studies if required (e.g., fructose, peroxidase) – important when there is a concern about blockages and/or infection.
  • Sperm antibody studies – particularly important when motility is poor or there are signs of infection or prior injury.
  • Post ejaculate urine evaluation for quantification of retrograde ejaculation – this is important in patients with diabetes or those men that have had surgery that might affect ejaculation.

Please review the Semen Specimen Collection Requirements.