MAIL-IN Collection Kit

When time and distance don’t allow collection at our facility we can FedEx a collection kit we call the UrgentPak, making it possible for men to collect and have their specimens sent overnight to New York Cryo for processing and storage from anywhere in the United States

 Common reasons for  Mail-In sperm banking include:

1. Prior to beginning Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy

2. Prior to having surgery on the testis or Prostate

3. Prior to undergoing a vasectomy

4. Men in High Risk Occupations such as men in the Military or men working in industries with exposure to hazardous materials in which banking should be considered.

5. Absence of a nearby sperm bank

Requirements for banking semen specimens at New York Cryo

1.    Completion of the following:
a.    Medical Questionnaire
b.    Storage Agreement and Depositor certification
c.    Patient authorization for credit card  payment of required fees
2.    Completion by your Physician of the Physician Referral and Certification Form
3.    Following the instructions for producing and shipping your semen specimen precisely.

Please note: New York Cryo requires a completed Physician Referral and Certification Form together with recent results of blood testing for specific sexually transmitted disease prior to release of specimens. Specimens received without either will be stored at the rate for QUARANTINED SPECIMENS until the required form and blood tests results are received.


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For banking semen specimens at home Call New York Cryo at 1-877-7NY-Cryo (877-769-2796) and request your UrgentPak today!