1. What are common reasons for mail-in sperm banking?

Mail-in sperm banking is most commonly used by men who don’t have ready access to a sperm banking facility.  Many areas of the US lack this valuable resource.  In addition, some patients don’t have the ability or time to travel for an appointment at a sperm bank prior to therapy. This is often the case prior to men undergoing treatments that might be potentially damaging to their sperm production or prior to their engagement in a potentially hazardous profession.

2. Why should I store on site when a mail-in option is available?

On-site storage provides the best opportunity to store a high quality specimen for future use. Even though New York Cryo employs state-of-the-art transport media and packaging to maintain the specimen’s quality during transport most all specimens are affected by the uncertainties of transport including preparation of the specimen and packaging by the client, time that it takes to reach New York Cryo as well as the environmental conditions the package encounters during it’s journey.

3. How much sperm do I need to have to store?

With the advances in reproductive medicine only one viable (live) sperm is needed to fertilize an egg. That is why even men with few viable sperm in their ejaculate or even men who have sperm retrieved surgically can preserve their future fertility.