A Directed Donor is a man storing sperm for use by a known recipient that he is not sexually intimate with. The usual recipient is usually either a woman without a male partner who would like to have a child with sperm from an individual they know or a women who is in a relationship with a male partner who is not able to produce sperm.

The process of qualifying the Directed Donor involves the following:

  1. Obtaining a physical examination of the Directed Donor, as well as blood testing for indications of sexually transmissible diseases.
  2. A complete medical history, both individual and family, including first-degree and second-degree relatives.
  3. Genetic testing for major genetic disorders in consultation with a geneticist.
  4. Psychological evaluation and counseling to access psychological risks and evaluate for financial and emotional coercion.
  5. Evaluation of the semen specimen
  6. Obtaining informed consents and discussion with the Recipient, Recipient’s Partner (if any) and Directed Donor about the results of the evaluation and use of the specimens.
  7. Quarantine of cryopreserved specimens as required by state regulations.

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