Third party directed donationA Directed Donor is a man storing sperm for use by a known female recipient that he is not sexually intimate with. The usual recipient is usually either a woman without a male partner who would like to have a child with sperm from an individual they know or a woman who is in a relationship with a male partner who is not able to produce sperm. This process is regulated by both the FDA  and the NY State Department of Health.

The process of qualifying the Directed Donor involves the following items listed below. Please follow the links for additional information. A checklist can be downloaded here.

  1. Obtaining a written consent form both the Directed Donor and female recipient after our Medical Director has explained the procedures for collection, storage, retrieval, dispensing of specimens and use of blood, urine and semen screening rational and techniques, details, of privacy and responsibilities of both the Directed Donor and the Recipient. This discussion will include the following:
    1. That the Donor’s name and address will be kept on file by the semen bank and the restrictions on release of donor-identifying information specified in NY State Department of Health section 52-8.9 .
    2. That the Donor will undergo genetic and infectious disease marker testing.
    3. A discussion of all currently known ways in which the donors reproductive tissue and resulting embryos may be used. That NY Cryo will make a good faith effort to ensure any restrictions that the donor requests are respected, but that it cannot guarantee that the recipient of the reproductive tissue will abide by the donor’s restrictions.
    4. That the donor’s medical history information to recipients and their physicians, will be released consistent with Ny State requirements for the disclosure of genetic and other medical information.
    5. A discussion that the donor has the right to withdraw his consent to donation up until such time that a specific recipient has begun an assisted reproduction cycle in reliance on the availability of tissue from that donor.
    6. That a Directed Donor Eligibility Determination will be made by the Medical Director prior to specimens being cryopreserved.
    7. That prior to release of Specimens a Summary of Records will be forwarded to the Recipient’s inseminating physician for review and confirmation of release.
  2. Obtaining a physical examination of the Directed Donor, as well as blood testing for indications of sexually transmissible diseases.
  3. A complete medical history, both individual and family, including first-degree and second-degree relatives.
  4. Genetic testing for major genetic disorders and consultation with a NY State licensed genetic counselor approved by NY Cryo. A checklist with our approved specialists can be downloaded here.
  5. Psychological evaluation and counseling by a NY State licensed specialist approved by NY Cryo to access psychological risks and evaluate for financial and emotional coercion. A checklist with our approved specialists can be downloaded here.
  6. Evaluation of one or more semen specimens
  7. Quarantine of cryopreserved specimens as required by NY State regulations.
  8. Medical Director of NY Cryo determine that the specimens are eligible for release.

Please call with any questions 516-487-2700. Our expert staff can usually answer most of your questions. Our Medical and Laboratory Director, Bruce R. Gilbert MD, PhD, HCLD, is also available for phone consultations.