UrgentPak Fees (effective April 1, 2012)


UrgentPak Mail-In Sperm Banking Kit (per specimen, non-refundable, includes two-way shipping*)     $85/each kit

* Occasionally there might be additional delivery charges imposed by the courier. For example,  if the Depositor is hospitalized or courier services are not near the location of the Depositor.

UrgentPak is a specially designed transport kit developed to maintain the optimum environment for your specimen during transport.  It complies with both National and International regulations (IATA, ICAO and 49CFR) for shipping of Human Biologic Specimens. The fee for the UrgentPak kit includes roundtrip overnight shipping by FedEx. Please note that UrgentPak fees are non-refundable.


$650 first specimen ($600 if purchased with UrgentPak Complete*)

$150 each additional specimen

Quarantine storage of specimens                         $30 additional per month

Semen Analysis                                                         $225

Additional Year Storage:                                         $450  (discount available for multiple years)

Payment Policy:
Fee for the UrgentPak are paid at the time of request and are non-refundable. Fees for specimen processing and specimen storage are due when the specimen is received at New York Cryo (unless UrgentPak Complete is purchased).  Any fees for additional tests, such as a semen analysis, are due when requested by the depositor. Fees for additional years of storage are due 30 days prior to the anniversary date of storage. Quarantine fees are also due monthly. These charges are payable by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Discover). Credit card must be current and either paid in full initially or authorized for automatic withdrawal .  If other arrangements are needed, please call us (877-7NY-Cryo) to discuss the costs.

*UrgentPak Complete includes the UrgentPak Kit, shipping and handling, specimen processing and one year storage ($50 saving over purchasing separately).