Our purpose in developing this program:

1. Decrease our patient’s cost of storage

2. Encourage patients already storing specimens at NY Cryo to refer others

3. Get the word out that men need to preserve their future fertility


The details…….

1. Storage Rebate: $100 for each person referred up to a maximum cost of one year of storage at the current rate.

2. The storage rebate will be applied to the next year’s storage costs. If the Referrer has paid for more than one year then the storage rebate will be applied to additional years. No monies will be refunded to the Referrer for fees already paid.

2. The person being referred must store for at least a year and document the Referrers name at the time of sperm banking. The person being referred can only identify a single referrer.

3. The storage rebate can only be applied to future storage costs of the Referrer.

4. Non-transferrable. The storage rebate can only be used by the Referrer and can only be used to reduce future storage costs.

5. Can only be used for men paying the current fees in effect for storage at NY Cryo. Cannot be used with any additional incentives or programs.

6. This Promotion can be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. Any storage rebate earned prior to cancellation or change of the program will be honored.

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