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Wait five seconds and press the power button. Note: Before continuing, make sure the reset button is not caught under the plastic of the top case. 3 Try unit on battery power. If problem goes away, replace power adapter. 4 Boot from the system software CD to see if the problem is software. 5 Check trackpad connection to the logic board (remove RAM access door). 6 Contact Apple to schedule repair.

Spec Database at Service Source Online From the Service Source Online home page, click Troubleshoot and Repair to access the main repair procedures page. Then click either Apple Spec in the navigation table in the upper right corner of the page, or click Apple Spec Database from the list of reference tools below. Spec Database on Service Source CD Open the CD and double-click the Apple Spec Database alias located at the top level of the CD. K Service Source Troubleshooting iBook/iBook Special Edition Troubleshooting General/How to Use the Symptom Charts - 1 General How to Use the Symptom Charts The Symptom Charts included in this chapter will help you diagnose specific symptoms related to the product.

Hold down the keys until you hear the startup chime at least one additional time after the initial startup chime. Troubleshooting General/Block Diagram - 6 Block Diagram This is a simplified block diagram of the iBook. The diagram shows the main ICs and the buses that connect them. Power PC G3 microprocessor 512 KB backside L2 cache SDRAM SO-DIMM (optional) 60x bus ATI Rage Mobility-L graphics IC AGP bus UniNorth memory controller and PCI bus bridge Memory bus 32 MB SDRAM PHY Flat-panel display PCI bus Wireless LAN (optional) CD-ROM Boot ROM Hard disk drive Ultra ATA bus ATA bus KeyLargo I/O device and disk controller Micronas codec Modem PMU99 power controller Trackpad Ethernet port Internal speaker Headphone jack Modem connector USB port Keyboard Power supply and charger Troubleshooting Symptom Charts/Startup - 7 Symptom Charts Startup Beeps are heard at startup (one to four beeps) 1 2 Dialog box “Built-in memory test has detected an error” comes up on startup 1 2 3 3 4 One beep: No RAM is detected.

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