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2, Fall/Winter 1997, pp. 21-22. GSeismologists have incorrectly classified nuclear explosive tests as earthquakesbefore. See S. Arora and T. r,no. 109,1984, pp. 241-251. Tw J HamOn, ~~seis~c Verification of a comprehensive Test Ban;’ Science, VOL 227, No. 4684 J~u~ 18, ;985, pp. 251-257. u-to&o. edulkm3, op. cit. h~. 10Pulsed reactors could produce weak antineutrinobursts with a variety of time scales. 11Other detection methods, which rely on radiochemical conversion of nuclei by neutrinos, have cycle times thatare too slow to be useful for detecting fission explosions in real time.

Recovery of neutron signal . New detection methods/ways to reduce background Impossible for this design type and number of events due to , irreducible reactor backgrounds ● . 1000 km >1000 km Remote monitoring of 1 kt tests 34 Appendix 1: Intrinsic Phototube Noise Intrinsic phototube noise, or dark current, arises from spontaneous ejection of electrons from the photocathode surface due to thermal fluctuations. Rates range from one hundred to several thousand single photoelectron events per second per phototube.

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