Anna Pigeon 06 Blind Descent - download pdf or read online

By Nevada Barr

ISBN-10: 0399143718

ISBN-13: 9780399143717

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After Freak-Out the going got somewhat easier. Though a good deal of effort went into climbing on, around, and under the blocks, little of it was heart-in-mouth stuff. Shoving her hands in cracks, her face in the dirt, reaching into darkness, squeezing through the narrow ways, Anna came to appreciate the sterility of the cave environment: no spiders, grubs, scorpions, rattlesnakes, wasps, tarantulas, ants, or centipedes. She burrowed and barged her way through with more or less complete confidence that, as predators went, she was pretty much alone.

They were friends, fairly close friends, and Anna wondered why she'd sounded so halfhearted. "Dierkz was on the survey team," Oscar said patiently, his washed out hazel eyes trying to read Anna's face. It wasn't an earth-shattering revelation. Most cavers led other lives. They were geologists and physicists, beekeepers and bums; regular folks who had been bitten by an irregular bug that compelled them to creep beneath the skin of the world every chance they got. " She'd just not put two and two together.

Chastened, the two cavers stopped talking. It was clear they were sensitive individuals, aware they'd offended. Equally clear was the fact that they hadn't a clue as to why. The few cavers with whom Anna had ever conversed insisted that they, better than anyone, understood claustrophobia because, when wedged in some tight Floyd Collinsian crack with the very real possibility of never getting out, they felt fear. They understood nothing. That was not claustrophobia. That was logic, survival instinct, an IQ test.

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