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Provocatively juxtaposes written legislation from 4000 years in the past with modern-day.

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UMBISAG 2 is a little more difficult: Sur-DUB . UMBISAG swore by the king’s life that by the new moon of the month of Eating the Malt he would produce the thief of Lu-Nanna’s stolen sheep; and if he did not produce him he would be a thief. alima, son of Kagu; before Kagina, the messenger; and before Shesh-Sheshgu, the overseer. Month of the sowing, 14th day. Year the omen-kid chose the high priest of Inana. Seal: Sur-DUB . UMBISAG scribe, son of Utugu, chief of the weavers. It was normal for the owner of cattle or sheep to hire a man to act as shepherd.

On the contrary, each looks like a court judgement in a real case, complete with relevant details, carefully worded so as to illustrate how a principle should apply in the particular circumstances of that case. It is left to another judge’s discretion how that principle should be applied in subsequent but similar circumstances. The collections of laws assembled and published by cities were intended to inform citizens how legal problems, or some of them, were likely to be resolved. But the element of guesswork remained considerable, and Hammurabi was clearly being optimistic when he wrote in the Epilogue to his laws: .

Atu! ’ ‘ . . Yes, I have. . We thought we were talking about the burden of proof, but we now find that this whole discussion is really about the search for truth. In Sumer, the search for truth lay at the centre of our legal process. Witnesses, oaths and an appeal to the gods were the means we used to try and find it. But we could never be perfectly 51 ANCIENT LAWS AND MODERN PROBLEMS sure that we had succeeded, and when truth eluded us the vital importance of public order persuaded us to settle for certainty in its place .

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