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By Arndt von Hippel

Regardless of one hundred fifty years of religion-based attacks upon the sciences that maintain our technological civilization, the explanatory and predictive powers of contemporary Evolution concept became key to leading edge advances in agriculture, biology, chemistry, desktop technology, ecology, geology, infectious ailments, paleontology, psychology, and plenty of different fields. So the query obviously arises- may perhaps Evolution concept open the best way for a rational research of creationist claims to absolute fact, usual legislation and divine advice? unusually adequate, the answer's "Yes!"

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They invented Jesus’ crucifixion and made it the central Christian drama. They confirmed his crucifixion by always depicting Jesus on the Cross. They blamed his crucifixion on the Jews - though God allegedly planned and the Romans supposedly carried out - that hypothetical dirty deed which has provided so many real priests with comfortable lifetime jobs. And once Jesus’ death had somehow atoned for humanity’s sins, eternal souls could finally be salvaged through theoretical visas issued by the bureaucrats of Jesus’ church to invisible souls for entry into hypothetical heaven.

An American Astronomy Society news release) ********* “Kansas set to banish Darwin from the curriculum. EVOLUTION may be (indeed, it was) wiped off the school curriculum in Kansas today in the latest attempt by American "creationists" to promote science based on a literal reading of the Bible. After weeks of skirmishing between advocates of secular and faith-based science, the Kansas school board will vote on whether Charles Darwin should be ejected from the science syllabus in high schools.

See also “Pascal’s Formula” on page 89. Furthermore, Christianity invented Heaven and Hell - as well as Limbo, the postulated warehouse where un-baptized good souls were stored until Pope John Paul II recently declared Limbo an unprofitable fabrication that the Church would clear out and discontinue. And, at least to date, Christianity remains heavily invested in Purgatory - as described by that great Italian poet and fiction writer, Dante (1265-1321). In fact, once Purgatory was officially affirmed as an independent profit center in 1563, it became the mandatory pit stop wherein souls not yet qualified for Heaven could suffer for an interlude that might be modified by appropriate prayers and payments.

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