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By Laszlo C. Bardos

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From best numbers to paraboloids, this number of initiatives proves that studying arithmetic can nonetheless be enjoyable. Introducing youngsters to the sweetness and sweetness of the topic via hands-on actions, this advisor demonstrates tips on how to build a geodesic dome sufficiently big for somebody to sit down in, remedy the world’s toughest two-piece puzzle, go a immediately line via a curved slot, and amaze others with the mysterious Möbius strip. Emphasizing how arithmetic should be encountered in way of life, this exciting reference highlights the hidden styles in snowflakes, cleaning soap bubbles, or even the sleek curves of the Golden Gate Bridge. pertaining to quantity styles, strains, curves, and shapes, every one job contains attractive proof, vocabulary developers, and connections to different subject matters. With a spouse site that includes video directions for numerous tasks in addition to extra actions, this academic exploration turns the artwork of numbers into an experience for all.

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This remarkable curve appears in many places in nature and in many objects made by humans. It is the shape made by water streaming out of a drinking fountain, as well as the shape of the cable on a suspension bridge. When you stir a glass of water, the surface of the water forms a concave shape called a paraboloid, which is a three-dimensional version of a parabola. Telescope mirrors, satellite dishes, and reflectors on supersensitive microphones all take the form of paraboloids, because they are able to reflect waves coming from far away to a single point, called the focus.

Minute by minute, day by day, they go up and down. Can you learn something about the stock market by thinking of stock prices as random walks? On this graph, one line shows actual stock prices, and the other represents a random walk. Can you tell which is which?

50 ❂ Cutting a Cone What does a parabola have in common with a circle and an ellipse? All three of these curves can be made by cutting a cone in different ways, called conic sections. If you cut a cone horizontally at its tip, you will see a surface in the shape of a circle. Likewise, if you cut it slantwise at its tip, you will reveal an ellipse. Furthermore, if you cut it at an even steeper slant across the cone— at the same angle as the side of WORDS + + KNOW the cone—you will produce a parabola.

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