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By James Rollins

ISBN-10: 0061231428

ISBN-13: 9780061231421

ISBN-10: 0061959146

ISBN-13: 9780061959141

Following the autumn of Baghdad, Iraqi boys bump into armed males looting the town zoo. The floodgates were opened for the smuggling of enormous quantities of unique birds, mammals, and reptiles to Western international locations, yet this crime hides a deeper mystery. Amid a hail of bullets, a hid underground guns lab is ransacked—and whatever much more terrible is decided unfastened. Seven years later, Louisiana nation veterinarian Lorna Polk stumbles upon a fishing trawler shipwrecked on a barrier island. The staff is lacking or lifeless, however the boat holds a daunting shipment: a caged crew of unique animals, sincerely a part of a black marketplace smuggling ring. but, anything is inaccurate with those beasts, tense deformities that make no feel: a parrot without feathers, a couple of Capuchin monkeys conjoined on the hip, a jaguar cub with the dentition of a saber-toothed tiger. additionally they all proportion one uncanny trait—a disturbingly heightened intelligence. To discover the reality concerning the beginning of this unusual shipment and the terrorist probability it poses, Lorna needs to workforce up with a guy who stocks a depressing and bloody previous together with her and is now an agent with the U.S. Border Patrol, Jack Menard. jointly, the 2 needs to hunt for a beast that escaped the shipwreck whereas uncovering a secret tied to fractal technology and genetic engineering, all to show a scary mystery that lines again to humankind's earliest roots. yet can Lorna cease what's approximately to be born upon the altar of Eden prior to it threatens not just the area but additionally the very origin of what it capacity to be human?

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Joie de vivre. Sadness is supposed to be bottled up, especially for the men. Probably why Tom got drunk. ” She frowned. “When I came out and found him slurring and weaving, I got so angry. I was in pain, half drugged on sedatives, and there he was drunk. I yelled at him, lit into him good. We had planned on going to a hotel after the procedure. My parents thought I was sleeping over with a friend. It was all planned. ” Jack heard the catch in her voice and knew why. ” About that time, Jack had been racing across the parish on his motorcycle.

She shoved his arm out of the way, but he kept tight to her, his eyes gone dead mean. At that moment the screaming started—loud, strident, and terrified. They both turned. It rose from the Boy Scout camp. Chapter 14 Lorna sat by herself on the front deck of the CBP boat. It slid smoothly down a narrow canal, framed by ancient cypress trees. The low rumble of the engine had a lulling effect. She had not realized how tired she was until this quiet moment. She took what rest she could, staring out at the spread of the bayou.

The farm was told to evacuate. Maybe that’s why no one’s answered. ” From Jack’s expression, he was still weighing whether to call in the chopper. She wasn’t sure that was a good idea. She lifted her hand. “That much noise from a helicopter, the blaze of its searchlights . . if the cat’s nearby, the commotion might drive it off. ” Jack considered her advice, then checked his watch. “We should reach the farm in another five minutes. The chopper can’t get there much faster.

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