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By Darrell Bain

ISBN-10: 1554042135

ISBN-13: 9781554042135

ISBN-10: 5557896503

ISBN-13: 9785557896504

Whilst a laboratory technician at the verge of retirement unintentionally infects himself with blood from an emergency room sufferer, he intends to document it--until executive brokers swarm the health center, confiscating each pattern of blood taken from the patient--at gunpoint. determining to not file the incident simply but for worry of being thrown into an isolation chamber, he is going home--and falls violently sick. by the point he recovers and returns to paintings, frightening issues are taking place.

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I rolled down the window and tossed the phone, one of several disposables we had bought. As soon as I had the window back up and Mona could hear without the roar of the wind interrupting, she spoke up. “You can explain now. I’m as curious as a cat touring a puppy mill. ” “Sort of a code word we used to use,” I said. “Remember, James Shell is part Cherokee. In fact, while he was still in the army, he married one of the chief’s daughters. They had one child, a daughter. She’s married to a Marine serving overseas now, I think.

His eyes blinked open. “Start talking. ” He opened his mouth then closed it again without speaking. He was trying to be a hero. I thought for a minute. “Listen closely, motherfucker. We want some answers and we want them now. ” He didn’t say anything. I took out my pocketknife and opened the big blade. “See this? Start talking or I’m going to slash the nerves and tendons in both wrists then put out both your eyes. After that I’ll just dump you here. ” That did it. Some men and women can face death with hardly a quiver, but very few of us are able to resist pressure of that type.

And it would help if you have a screwdriver and a wrench or two. ” “Well? ” *** The pills had Mona a little woozy by the time I found a place to park where, if we were disturbed, I hoped we would be taken for a couple of clandestine lovers. As soon as I killed the engine, I had Mona remove the windbreaker. Surprisingly, there was hardly any blood marring the inside lining. I removed my soaked handkerchief and looked closely at the exit wound. It was still gory but it wasn’t bleeding and the skin flaps appeared to be firmly back in place.

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