Against All Odds: Shot Down Over Occupied Territory in WWII - download pdf or read online

By Frederick Dustin Worthen

ISBN-10: 158976126X

ISBN-13: 9781589761261

The writer and his 8 crewmembers bailed out in their crippled B-24 on their twenty fourth undertaking over enemy territory. Shot at after which captured through the Germans, they have been taken to a stalag in Nuremberg, after which on a compelled march to a different in Moosburg. They have been strafed by way of Allied planes, approximately lynched by means of an offended mob, starved, and shot at back by way of chickening out SS in advance of their liberation by means of normal Patton. exceptionally, all 9 crewmembers survived, and 8 of them contributed to this amazing account that took two decades to write down.

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Flight time: 5:30 hours. As I recall, this was the mission on which a 93rd B-24, flying at about 22,000 feet, piloted by Capt. Ken L. Gilbert, was located right in front of us and slightly to our right (we were both located on the left side of the formation), when all of a sudden his left wing dropped (probably from prop-wash ahead of him) and the plane did a slow roll-over onto its back and continued into a dive straight down – something you never want to do in a B-24, especially with a full bomb load.

Shortly after that I was sent to Davis Monthan Air Force Base at Tucson, Arizona. Incidentally, very few of those giving me advice went to Davis Monthan. There I was assigned to a B-24 air crew. The pilot's name was Turner and the co-pilot's name was Williams, and he was from Fort Smith, Arkansas. The other names I remember were Earl Schluibaum, a gunner from Indiana, and Herbert Garrow, a tail gunner from Niagara Fails, New York. Our crew was transferred to Biggs Air Force Base in El Paso, Texas, to take our second and third phase of crew training prior to going overseas into combat flying.

The actual target was Oranienburg, a short distance north of Berlin, but still in very dangerous country. The old-timers groaned their oohs and aahs, but we really did not know enough about all of this to join in. This was a target that no one wanted to go to. I. truck that took us to the hardstand where our plane was parked. The pilots carefully inspected the plane, did a preflight, consulted with the ground crew chief, and checked the COMBAT M ISSIONS 49 flight records while the other crew members were doing their duties.

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Against All Odds: Shot Down Over Occupied Territory in WWII by Frederick Dustin Worthen

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