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By Garth Nix

ISBN-10: 0439176840

ISBN-13: 9780439176842

The dream global Aenir isn't really a secure place.  One improper step can result in threat, entrapment...or death.  Tal and Milla needs to struggle their approach via this moving landscape.  they're trying to find the Codex, a mystical item that may make a decision the destiny in their worlds.  Many creatures stand of their way--from the cloud-flesh typhoon Shepherds to a swarm of venomous Waspwyrms to a scary determine named Hazror.  Tal and Milla can't go away Aenir with out the Codex.  yet discovering it can endanger them greater than they have ever dreamed...

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Tal felt the disgust rise in him. How could anyone do what this man had done? How could he betray his own people? "You'll suffer," whimpered Hazror. "I'll show you how light can hurt -" Tal didn't listen to him anymore. He let go. The old man, poised on the brink of the stairs, suddenly caught his breath and stopped his threats. He teetered there for a moment, arms flailing. Tal saw glowing red eyes coming up from below. Ferocious eyes, as large as his hands. Vengenarl eyes. Hazror swung forward, screaming.

Said Zicka. " He drew an arrow from his quiver, tied an almost invisible cord of spider silk to it, and with one elegant arch of his arm and back, fired it close to Milla's hand. She caught the arrow easily. Out in the Dark World, she had caught bigger arrows that were actually aimed at her. It was a rare skill and another mark of her prowess as a warrior. "You are connected to the outside now," said Zicka. "Grab hold of Odris and walk slowly outside. " He started stepping backward, uncoiling more spider silk as he did.

Under the starlight, the canopy looked black rather than green. It reminded Tal of the Veil and the Seven Towers, which was comforting. But it made it difficult to land. Tal kept thinking he could see a clearing, but it was always a trick of the light, just a dip in the canopy. Tal thought his arms were actually going to fall off when he finally saw a large expanse that had to be a clearing. Adras landed him gently, but Tal still fell over. All his muscles hurt, not just his shoulders. Even so, he forced himself up out of the wet leaf-litter.

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