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By J.R. Baker, R. Muller, D. Rollinson (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0120317435

ISBN-13: 9780120317431

Advances in Parasitology is a sequence of updated experiences of all components of curiosity in modern parasitology. It comprises scientific stories on parasites of significant effect, similar to typanosomeiasis and scabies, and extra conventional parts, corresponding to zoology, taxonomy, and existence heritage, which form present considering and purposes.

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Kinetoplast DNA minicircles are inherited from both parents in genetic crosses of Trypanosoma brucei. Parasitology Research 83, 483-488. , Stevens, J. and Truc, P. (1998). Identification of trypanosomes: from morphology to molecular biology. In: Progress in Human African Trypanosomiasis Research (B. Bouteille, M. Dumas and A. Buguet, eds). Paris: Springer-Verlag. , Miyazaki, L. R. (1985). Isolation and partial characterization of mutants of the trypanosomatid Crithidia fasciculata and their use in detecting genetic recombination.

Parasitology 99, 391 -402. C. (1990). Trypanosome diversity in Lambwe Valley, Kenya - sex or selection? Parasitology Today 6,342- 343. Gibson, W. (1995). The significance of genetic exchange in trypanosomes. Parasitology Today 11, 465-468. Gibson, W. and Bailey, M. (1994). Genetic exchange in Trypanosoma brucei: evidence for meiosis from analysis of a cross between drug resistant transformants. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 64,241-252. C. and Borst, P. (1986). Size-fractionation of the small chromosomes of Trypanozoon and Nannomonas trypanosomes by pulsed field gradient gel electrophoresis.

1990, 1991). More recently, a growing body of evidence suggests that the degree of genetic exchange occurring, and hence the population structure observed for T. , 1994; Stevens and Tibayrenc, 1996). , 1993). Moreover, it appears that differences in the innate ability of certain T. , 1987, 1990; Stevens and Tibayrenc, 1996). Certainly, index of association (I*) analyses of the subspecies and various subtypes of T. brucei suggest that a range of population structures exist in nature, each presumably with a characteristic associated level of genetic exchange.

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Advances in Parasitology, Vol. 43 by J.R. Baker, R. Muller, D. Rollinson (Eds.)

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