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Эта книга охватывает теорию разработки радиоуправляемых скоростных моделей судов, и рассказывает, как применить эту теорию на практике. Автор делится знаниями, как построить модель которой легко управлять, чтобы не возникало трудностей во время соревнований, и можно было полностью сконцентрироваться на гонке.

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This model representation is used as a foundation for model-based control design and stability analysis in Parts II, III and IV. • ae'" IM60C ..... [Or'" z) ttU'~ 'YR. an .. ~ ,~-.. ~t-" For marine vessels moving in 6 degrees offreedom (DOF), 6 independent coordinates are necessary to determine the position and orientation. The first three coordinates, and their time derivatives, correspond to the position and translational motion along the x-, yo, and z-axes, while the last 3 coordinates and their time derivatives are used to describe orientation and rotational motions.

Pe~ Smtrx(lambda) S*a r I .. $. J ' ••- . 3 (Simple Rotation) The motion ofa rigid body or referenceframe B relative to a rigid body or referenceframe A is called a simple rotation of B in A if there exists a line L. called an axis of rotation, whose orientation relative to both A and B remains unaltered throughout the motion. '. _-~~.... 2 Transformations between BODY and NED Based on this definition Euler stated the following theorem for rotation of two rigid bodies or reference frames (Euler 1776).

In fact the largest deflection encountered over the entire earth is in the order of I arcminutes (Britting 1971). The geoidal height M is found through a datum transformation (HofmannWellenhof et al. 1994). g. 92) For a ship h is the vertical distance from the sea level to the b-frame coordinate origin. The b-frame is usually chosen to coincide with the center of gravity. ,~~t.. 1 - , 44 Kinematics Matlab: The transformation from 'Ii = [l,IlF to pe grammed in the GNe toolbox script: = [x, y, z]T, Equation :...

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