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A chain of interviews and demanding dialogues with the overdue Stanislaw Lem whose writings were translated into over forty languages and feature offered over 35 million copies. if you purely understand him as a novelist, A Stanislaw Lem Reader is a wonderful creation to Lem's philosophy, medical hypothesis, literary feedback, and social concept, whereas ultimate completely available to readers unusual with any of his works.

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Lem: Absolutely. Jacob Bronowski described it once very nicely. He said that in science one is allowed to ask only how something works, but not what it is. Consider gravity: there are Newton's equations, there is Einstein's continuum, but what gravity really is, we are not allowed to ask. In general, in the natural sciences one is not interested in asking questions about the essence of things, because it does not get you anywhere. Clearly, pushing a physicist around until he makes up his mind and tells you whether the electron is a particle or a wave, or beating him up, no matter how badly, won't change the fact that there is no answer to this question.

I must say that I am actually quite attached to some of the female characters from my works. To take a concrete example, in Hospital of the Transfiguration there is Doctor Wasilewska, whom Beres (a Polish critic) characterized rather nastily as sexually frigid. He wrote that because nothing explicitly erotic happens in the novel. But I regarded it as unnecessary. Anyway, why the absence of women? I think there were several reasons. Let me start with the most recent. " I am thoroughly opposed to this, and when they requested my permission to use this convention in the American translations, I categorically refused.

Both houses of Congress determinedly refuse to fund these programs. It is kind of strange, since there is so much valuable research involved in the space program, and even more so considering Kennedy's spectacular success. If in less than ten years he put the Americans on the moon, people could be walking on Mars in fifteen if only proper funding could be secured. Still, I am not sure that I would be happy with such allocation of funds. The project would cost at least fifteen billion dollars in real terms.

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