A Rule of Property for Bengal: An Essay on the Idea of by Ranajit Guha PDF

By Ranajit Guha

ISBN-10: 0861312899

ISBN-13: 9780861312894

A Rule of estate for Bengal is a vintage paintings at the historical past of colonial India. First released in 1963, and lengthy unavailable during this nation, it truly is an important textual content within the parts of colonial and postcolonial stories. during this booklet, Ranajit Guha examines the British institution of the everlasting payment of Bengal—the first significant administrative intervention by means of the British within the area and an attempt to impose a western suggestion of personal estate at the Bengal nation-state. Guha’s learn of the highbrow origins, targets, and implementation of this coverage presents an in-depth view of the dynamics of colonialism and displays at the lasting influence of that dynamic following the formal termination of colonial rule.By proclaiming the everlasting payment in 1793, the British was hoping to advertise a filthy rich capitalist agriculture of the type that had constructed in England. The act renounced forever the state’s correct to elevate the overview already made upon landowners and hence sought to set up a procedure of estate that was once, within the British view, important for the production of a reliable executive. Guha lines the origins of the everlasting payment to the anti-feudal principles of Phillip Francis and the critique of feudalism supplied by means of physiocratic inspiration, the precursor of political economic climate. The valuable query the booklet asks is how the everlasting payment, based in anti-feudalism and grafted onto India by means of the main complicated capitalist energy of the day grew to become instrumental within the improvement of a neo-feudal association of landed estate and within the absorption and replica of precapitalist parts in a colonial regime.Guha’s exam of the British try to mildew Bengal to the contours of its personal society with no an realizing of the traditions and duties upon which the Indian agrarian procedure was once established is a really pioneering paintings. the consequences of A Rule of estate for Bengal stay wealthy for the present discussions from the postcolonialist point of view at the that means of modernity and enlightenment.

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