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The vent ral In is the with retracted tergite 9. On last vis ible sternite. and membranous and on each s i de is a first first valvula is attached. They are parts of the is adapted for sti nging. T he sternite of the ninth is also redu ced and on each s ide has a second valvifer with the , 28 Mem. Amer. Ent. , no. 37, 1984 second valvula attached to its anterior end. The valvifers described as appendage bases. the ovipositor, forming immovably joined first The valvulae. the The first can be valvulae are the active part of lancets of the sting.

Subocular su lcus the mandi bu lar art i culation (S) connecting (male of the l ower corner of the eye to Anteon fulviventre Haliday). Introduction - l c, 'of Fig. 5 - posterior Mandible with (female of four > 41 , teeth progressing Anteon gaullei 17 Kieffer). larger from anterior on e to 18 Mem. I nternally and a Amer. Ent. , no. 37, 1984 two lobes, a more proximal one, the lacinia, galea. The labium consists of a submentum and The distal end of the prernenturn bears externally the labial the stipes bears more distal one, the a prementum.

Names Catalog of Hymenoptera in America Eth. Ori. Nea. Neo. 46 37 5 2 24 22 1 1 22 16 3 3 79 55 1 - - 2 3 3 - 2 1 7 7 - - 8 8 - - - 6 4 2 - - 1 1 - - - - - - I Geographic distribution of Pal. in geographical 25 20 1 3 Pal. 2a - world fauna The geographical have been follows. Anteoninae Anteon Deinodryinus Lonchodryinus Metanteon Prioranteon Aphelopinae Aphelopus Crovettia Apodryininae Apodryinus Biaphelopinae Biaphelopus per region: is shown and Canadian Smith and Burks ncmina dubia and nUda) The actual 1,000 species.

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