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By Chris Watts

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This booklet is a must-have for anyone excited about the layout, install and production of emergency lighting fixtures structures to satisfy hearth security probability exams

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Because our European counterparts were convinced that it was desirable for all of us to adopt many of the UK’s established methods of emergency lighting, the need to change our previously engineered systems was avoided. While BS 5266-1 is often treated as though it is a normative document it is actually a code of practice giving advice consisting of recommendations (drafted using ‘should’). However, both BS EN 1838/BS 5266-7 and BS EN 50172/BS 5266-8 are European Norms (ENs) and they are normative documents consisting of requirements (drafted using ‘shall’).

Many will be at the final exit doors so they will be adjacent to a luminaire. But those within the building will need a luminaire located within 2 m of them. This highlights their position in an emergency. This also applies to fire-fighting appliances such as extinguishers, fire blankets and hose reels. The position of fire and other safety signs needs to be established. It also needs to be established whether they are to be back illuminated or to rely on a luminaire that is mounted within 2 m and able to illuminate them.

2: For externally illuminated safety signs, the illuminance on any part of the face of externally illuminated signs during emergency lighting conditions should be not less than 5 lx. For these safety signs, the factor of viewing distance of 200 should be used. BS 5266-1:2011 Figure 11 – Luminance of signs It is important that the exit signs are of sufficient size to be able to be clearly identified and to indicate the escape route. At the maximum distance the rectangular green panel should be visible and as the occupants progress towards it the detailed information such as the direction of the arrow becomes clearly visible.

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