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By Patrizio G., Tomassini A.

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Functional instrumentation equipment are offered for measuring the ac features of huge, prolonged or interconnected grounding structures. Measurements of impedance to distant earth, step and contact potentials, and present distributions are coated for grounding structures ranging in complexity from small grids (less than 900 m2), with just a couple of attached overhead or direct burial naked concentric neutrals, to giant grids (greater than 20 000 m2), with many attached neutrals, overhead flooring wires (sky wires), counterpoises, grid tie conductors, cable shields, and steel pipes.

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The critical point was to maintain a decent distance between each man – about five paces – but not to become so strung out that the riflemen lost the effective support of the machine gun. com 39 A German infantry squad establishes a series of defensive positions. The MG 34 team operates from what was officially known as a Schützenloch für leichte Maschinengewehr (two-man light machine-gun position). (Cody Images) 40 lion’s share of the return fire. By firing short disciplined bursts rather than long rippling bouts of fire, and by moving between positions of cover on a regular basis, the machine-gunner could partly hide his presence and location, although the MG 42 was particularly identifiable by its rasping bark.

The assistant gunner has a new barrel held at the ready, which he has just taken from a Laufschützer barrel container, which held a single barrel. In the hands of a competent machine-gun crew, the barrel change could be performed in a matter of seconds, but the momentary stop in fire could provide a window of opportunity for attacking infantry to close up. To the right, another MG 42 machine-gunner and his assistant redeploy to a different position. The assistant machinegunner is carrying two ammunition cans, and on his back he has the Laufbehälte 42 twin barrel container.

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A Characterization of Affine Hyperquadrics by Patrizio G., Tomassini A.

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