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Functional instrumentation equipment are offered for measuring the ac features of huge, prolonged or interconnected grounding structures. Measurements of impedance to distant earth, step and contact potentials, and present distributions are lined for grounding structures ranging in complexity from small grids (less than 900 m2), with just a couple of attached overhead or direct burial naked concentric neutrals, to giant grids (greater than 20 000 m2), with many attached neutrals, overhead floor wires (sky wires), counterpoises, grid tie conductors, cable shields, and metal pipes.

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Vintage Books, New York. [Leonard 1980] Leonard, A. (1980) Vortex methods for flow simulation, Journal of Computational Physics, vol. 37, 289-335. ; and P. Tranouez (1999) A multiagent based prediction of the evolution of knowledge with multiple points of view, KAW’99. ; Bertelle, C. and D. Olivier (2004) Methodology for holarchic ecosystem model based on ontological tool. ESM 2004, 164-171. ; and A. Drogoul (1998) When Agents Emerge from Agents: Introducing Multi-scale Viewpoints in Multi-agent Simulations.

Xn ), (7) j=1 where p ∈ [0, 1]. In this case, the term (1) n j=1 (0) aij (t)xj is combined with the compo- (1) (2) nent xi and the term n is combined with the component xi and so j=1 aij (t)xj on. This variation reduces the number of terms in each component and may minimize the size of calculations. Substituting (5) into (7), we obtain the following series of linear equations (0) (0) p0 : Dxi (t) = 0, xi (0) = ci , (1) n j=1 aij (t)xj + fi (t, x(0) ), xi (0) = 0, (2) n j=1 aij (t)xj + fi (t, x(0) , x(1) ), xi (0) = 0, (3) n j=1 aij (t)xj + fi (t, x(0) , x(1) , x(2) ), xi (0) = 0.

Manuel Feliz-Teixeira and Ant´ onio E. S. Carvalho Brito be now expressed in terms of patterns (see example of figure 2). What firstly appeared as a confusing and almost randomly up-and-down behaviour may now be simply understood as the summation of some sinusoidal patterns with different amplitudes. Quantum Mechanics uses a similar formalism. We believe that the method proposed here will help generating such a clean view also when applied to the behaviour of complex systems. Fig. 2. Typical signal in the frequency domain The present proposal may also be understood as an attempt to represent the system’s behaviour in terms of a sort of generalised histogram, where the categories are the functions Ψi , which may correspond to the frequencies fi in the previous figure, and the probabilities αi are made to correspond to the amplitudes aj in the same figure.

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