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Sensible instrumentation tools are offered for measuring the ac features of huge, prolonged or interconnected grounding platforms. Measurements of impedance to distant earth, step and contact potentials, and present distributions are lined for grounding structures ranging in complexity from small grids (less than 900 m2), with just a couple of hooked up overhead or direct burial naked concentric neutrals, to giant grids (greater than 20 000 m2), with many hooked up neutrals, overhead flooring wires (sky wires), counterpoises, grid tie conductors, cable shields, and steel pipes.

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During the turn, G should be adjusted as required to keep the adversary moving slightly forward along the horizon (horizontal turn). The objective is to roll out behind the adversary. The more turning room acquired, the longer the range for lead turn initiation and the lower the G-loading required to complete the maneuver. Conversely, if the maneuver is initiated at short range with little or no offset, a high-G turn will be required to complete the maneuver. 20). Lead turns against a target that maneuvers prior to passing your 3/9 line will not produce a dead six position, but should still result in some turn advantage.

The Dash-1 is a good place to start, but for further information refer to avionics manuals, and the Dash-34. Preflight the aircraft and armament in accordance with the Dash-1 and Dash-34 checklists. If the canopy is dirty, have the crew chief clean it. Dirt, oil, and bugs can hamper your vision, especially if the sun hits them at various angles. It is an arena where equations and theories are dynamic, and where experience and understanding of basic fighter maneuvers are the keys to success. The skills used in aerial combat are learned over time and the interest, desire, and personal discipline of a pilot are important factors in speeding up this learning process.

A higher turn rate, not a small turn radius, is necessary for a successful missile defense. The F-16 also turns better with afterburner (AB). AB gives a better turn capability because it allows the pilot to sustain airspeed and thereby sustain a higher turn rate (assuming near corner velocity). In addition, maneuvering at higher AOAs results in a greater portion of the aircraft's thrust vector to be pointed toward the center of the turn, which also helps the F-16 maintain a smaller turn radius and greater turn rate.

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