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By Edward R. Rosset

ISBN-10: 8478732195

ISBN-13: 9788478732197

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In May days get ... a) more and more long b) longer and longer c) more long d) more longer 2. I don't feel like ... fish today. a) to eat b) eating c) to eating d) eat 12. This town is getting ... every day. a) more and more big b) bigger and bigger c) more big d) more bigger 3. Enrique's English is getting ... a) better and better b) more better c) more good d) best 13. I'm tired. I don't feel like ... up this morning. a) getting b) to get c) get d) I will get 4. Do you feel ... for a walk today?

In this hospital every day. a) are born b) born c) are borned d) have born 10. I don't like ... waiting. a) been kept b) being kept c) being keep d) be kept 52 PARTICIPLES AS ADJECTIVES, COMPOUND ADJECTIVES 1. The gypsy girl had a little ... face. a) sun-tanned b) sun-tan c) tan-sun d) sun-tanning 11. The football match was very ... a) exciting b) excited c) excite d) excitening 2. A tall, thin, ... man was looking at him intently. a) middle-age b) middle-aged c) age-middle d) middle aged 12. The film was ...

A) are been b) have being c) have d) are being 8. This road ... repaired at the moment. a) is been b) is being c) has been d) has being 19. A cigarette butt ... the fire. a) could be causing b) could cause c) could have caused d) would caused 9. All the doors and windows should ... by now. a) have being closed b) have been closed c) being close d) be close 20. The benches shouldn't ... in the rain. a) have painted b) painted c) have been painted d) have being painted 10. All complaints should ...

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