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The center (C) moves diagonally up the lane to set a screen for the shooting guard (SG). As the point guard (PG) clears to the sideline, SG breaks off the screen to the ballside wing. The power forward (PF) sets a backscreen for C. C cuts outside off the screen to the basket, and PF rolls toward the inbounder. This gives SF three options for a quick score on the inbound pass. If none are available, PG is on the deep sideline as a safe alternative. Coaching Point: It should be emphasized to SG, C, and PF the importance of getting a quick shot if they receive a pass.

The authors are also grateful for the professional assistance in publishing this book provided by the staff of Coaches Choice Books and Videosparticularly Michelle Summers, Joanna Wright, Debbie Bellaire and Julie Denzer. Finally, special thanks are extended to all of the players and coaches with whom we have had the opportunity to work with over the years. Their efforts and feedback have helped influence the design and ultimately the selection of the drills included in this book. Page 5 Dedication This book is dedicated to our familieswho motivated us to strive for excellence and reach for new heights.

As PF receives the pass, SF rolls off the screen to the lane, and C breaks low to receive a lob pass as shown in Diagram B. In Diagram C, PF downscreens for PG and rolls off the pick into good post position. C breaks from the offside through the lane to the foul line, giving SG three passing options. Coaching Point: Even if a size advantage does not exist, this maneuver is a good play to use if the PG plays well with his back to the basket. Page 13 Drill #4: Screen Once, Screen Twice Objective: To safely inbound the ball using a box set.

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